Un système de signalisation intégré

Les scientifiques explorent la composition biologique de la plante de cannabis médical depuis plus d’un siècle maintenant. Alors que de plus en plus de produits chimiques actifs ont été découverts et qu’une compréhension des effets individuels des cannabinoïdes a commencé à se produire, ce fut une percée étonnante qui a vraiment accéléré l’idée de faciliter les qualités du cannabis vers madison – la découverte du système endocannabinoïde de notre corps.

Le système endocannabinoïde (ECS) est un réseau interne de signaux cellulaires qui se propage dans tout notre corps et joue un rôle majeur dans l’équilibre des activités physiologiques et neurologiques liées à l’appétit, la mémoire, le mouvement, la douleur et bien d’autres.
Une puissante synergie

Bien qu’évolutivement, l’ECS n’ait pas été créé dans notre corps pour la plante de cannabis, les chercheurs ont montré que l’ECS et le cannabis s’accordent extraordinairement bien en termes de réaction naturelle et de stimulation mutuelle qu’ils ont l’un avec l’autre – nos récepteurs cellulaires réagissent aux molécules actives de les plantes de cannabis (cannabinoïdes). Associés ensemble, ils agissent comme une puissante force de guérison de la nature.

Une fois qu’une indication physique est déclenchée, notre corps sécrète des endo-cannabinoïdes pour activer les récepteurs ECS, mais nous pouvons obtenir un impact beaucoup plus élevé en utilisant un boost de phyto-cannabinoïdes de la plante et stimuler une réaction chimique plus élevée qui se traduit par un bien meilleure guérison physique et clinique.
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De nombreuses formules médicinales, comme nous le savons aujourd’hui, n’apportent que des solutions partielles lorsqu’il s’agit de lutter contre les maladies chroniques et médicales. C’est pourquoi notre méthode de formulation adopte une approche « globale » de la structure « Tous pour un » par rapport à la structure commune « Un contre un ».
Cannabis et champignons combinés

Cela signifie que pour obtenir cet effet thérapeutique sur lequel notre corps réagira principalement, nous abordons chaque récepteur cellulaire contaminé avec plusieurs molécules différentes d’ingrédients actifs. Les combinaisons botaniques uniques de composants actifs que nous avons identifiées, isolées, testées et extraites augmentent considérablement le taux de réussite du traitement de ces affections. En s’attaquant simultanément aux cellules corrompues avec des efforts / forces conjoints de tous les éléments thérapeutiques puissants, nous visons à offrir des remèdes à de nombreuses conditions cliniques

Individuals can do a great deal to prevent future disease. We know that most people today would like to add some protective wellness elements to their daily routine, but find it hard to do so.

Our solution offers a true understanding of how lifestyle translates into health and affects your body. In order to present these internal processes, we use technology to collect data and parameters and transform them into visuals that show live progress.

For the first time, patients can actually see the effects of ongoing self-treatment, without waiting months or even years for results to appear.
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Build solutions
that stand the test of time

Our program is designed to support wellbeing through true transformation. We believe it is much easier to adopt real change when you witness its impact in real time. By communicating and reflecting progress, we create a constant incentive that lasts through time and leads patients to a good, long and healthy life.
Introducing: In + Out

Our Dual Care System (DCS) was developed in collaboration with world-class researchers and big data tech leaders to give you full support for adopting a daily healthy lifestyle. From care products to highly innovative technologies, Cannabotech can customize a personalized treatment with proactive capabilities. Our DCS enables anyone to effortlessly add micro actions that will make all the difference towards current and future well-being.

Cannabotech combines advanced science with traditional wisdom to bring you effective preventive care products and supportive technologies to add to your wellness routine.

Prevent illness with ongoing treatment
Preventive Medicine

Our preventive care products are the next generation of botanical-based supplements, topicals, and skincare formulations. They are designed to offer comprehensive solutions to your wellness routine with a unique mix of pharmaceutical-grade CBD, traditional mushrooms, botanical ingredients, and other vital ingredients for your health. This unique combination affects your endocannabinoid system, immune system, and other physiological systems in your body so you can keep giving life your all.

What are Functional Mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms, also known as medicinal mushrooms or traditional mushrooms, have been used in traditional medicine for well over 2000 years in East Asia. They contain highly nutritive compounds such as beta-glucan polysaccharides, triterpenes, and terpenoids, and other compounds essential to sustaining life.

Much like the endocannabinoid system, functional mushrooms are thought to support biological functions including the immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and more. For these reasons, Western scientists and medical professionals have now taken interest in them. Moreover, they are becoming increasingly popular in high-end food supplements and specialty grocery stores.

Our Proprietary M²CBD Formula

Mushrooms serve as a vast neural network or “natural internet” for the earth, as the renowned mushroom researcher, Paul Stamets, calls it to protect and maintain a healthy ecosystem. Likewise, they offer our body support with their high nutritional content.

Similarly, cannabinoids offer valuable properties that encourage homeostasis in the body by working directly with the endocannabinoid system.

With this in mind, we created a unique M²CBD formula as the next generation of preventative care products. Together, we believe that functional mushrooms and cannabinoids can offer a synergistic balance for a comprehensive wellness routine. These products are designed to address today’s health burdens as a result of modern, fast-paced life including sleep, stress, immunity, muscle and joint fatigue, skin health, and more.

Our body’s immune system
Our body’s immune system
Your body’s defence and repair network

The immune system is an intricate network of organs, cells, and proteins who act like protective soldiers for the body, with the sole mission of keeping outside invaders such as bacteria and viruses.

To return to the analogy of the operating system, it can be likened to the RAM that stores data for future use— In this case, for the health of the body. It remembers every pathogen that it has destroyed in your body so it can attack it faster if it enters again.

When your immune system is strong, it can protect you against a whole host of threats from infection to chronic conditions. But when something goes wrong, you may find yourself ill more often, sensitive to allergens, experiencing embarrassing skin problems, enduring pain, or even developing autoimmune diseases. That’s why it is important to support it with a healthy lifestyle, diet, and complementary supplements when necessary.

The modern lifestyle can take its toll on your immunity. Sleep, stress, and poor nutrition are the biggest culprits, but even our sedentary lifestyles can wear us down.

Fortunately, nature has the tools to help repair the damage. We share many of the same pathogens as well as similar protective mechanisms as mushrooms. In fact, The human body shares 50% of its DNA with mushrooms. So when you’re looking to support your immune system, you can start by looking for a substance your body recognises — a mushroom. Ample studies have shown that mushrooms can offer immunomodulating properties, meaning that they can help your immune system remain in harmony.

Supercharge your
immune system

Cannabotech products are designed to target both the endocannabinoid and immune system for a premium wellness routine. Our food supplements, skincare, and topical formulations all contain the most evidence-based functional mushrooms, as well as premium THC-free CBD in our patent-pending M²CBD formula. Together, they merge as powerhouses for our human operating system.

Introducing the Next Generation of Preventive Care

Cannabotech is a biomedical company focused on the as-yet-untapped benefits of cannabinoids and medicinal mushrooms, applying the pure power of nature and science to today’s most pressing health issues.

We are one of the first biomedical companies to marry traditional Asian knowledge with modern science to create our proprietary, patent-pending M²CBD formula, a synergy blend of functional mushrooms and high-quality cannabidiol (CBD). This unique combination targets the endocannabinoid system and immune system for a holistic solution to promote a balanced mind and body. We have further enhanced our formulas with complementary evidence-based botanicals and minerals so you can get the premium support you need from the botanical pharmacy.

Our wide variety of preventive care products have been specially designed to help you take control of today’s top health concerns including stress, sleep, immunity, muscle and joint fatigue, skin health, and other conditions associated with the modern lifestyle.